Earthen Vessels is a Retreat Ministry. 

Our purpose is to minister to ministers.

We who serve in Earthen Vessels help to renew those who serve in ministry.  Since 2000 Earthen Vessels Retreats© has provided a proven retreat program which serves diaconate communities, parish communities and priest communities.

The Mission Statement of Earthen Vessels Retreats describes what we do:

Renewing the Presence of Jesus in Life and Ministry

An Earthen Vessels event provides opportunities for clergy and laity who serve the Church to take time out and reflect on their experiences in the light of the Paschal Mystery, in the company of fellow ministers.

The goal of Earthen Vessels is to facilitate the renewal of each participant’s commitment to Jesus. People who have attended Earthen Vessels experiences have found prayerful ways to deepen their understanding and acceptance of themselves. They discover deeper intimacy with those who are in their support network and deeper intimacy with God, whom we serve.

What Is Earthen Vessels Retreats©?

Earthen Vessels is a peer ministry. We minister to you – the people who serve in the Church. Earthen Vessels offers separate programs for a variety of groups who serve in the Church: For diaconate communities, parish communities and priests. The best way we know to minister to others is to ask Jesus to guide the process. For this reason, Jesus is at the center of an Earthen Vessels experience, through our exploration of the Paschal Mystery during the retreat. We do this by identifying our own Paschal journey, times when Jesus has been central in our lives.

Our Retreat Style

A “retreat” is often conducted by one person or by a team on a theological topic. Such retreats offer few opportunities for interaction or for integration by the participants. An Earthen Vessels retreat offers an experience during which there are up to 3 presenters, each of whom tells stories from their life. Their stories are connected with a parallel moment in the life of Jesus. Retreat participants are encouraged to interact and are presented with a proven way to interact fruitfully. These activities help each participant to explore their own life story, to see how Jesus is present in their own life. Retreat participants explore their own Paschal journey, their own experience of Jesus in their life.


Diaconate Community Retreat Program

An Earthen Vessels Retreat for a Diaconate Community is an intimate experience between Jesus and each diaconate couple or single deacon who are members of the diaconate community.
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Parish Retreat Program

The Earthen Vessels Parish Retreat Program provides a way for members of a parish community who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation to enter more deeply in to the parish family.
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Priest Retreat Program

The Earthen Vessels Priest Retreat Program provides ways for priests to experience how living the “Paschal Mystery” is living our journey with Jesus Christ.
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