Retreat Opportunities

Brother Cyril, ~1994

Brother Cyril at Mount Angel Abbey

Brother Cyril gives retreats in 2 ways.

Brother Cyril as a member of a retreat team

  1. The Earthen Vessels Retreats team. For information about these retreats, return to: Earthen Vessels Retreats website
  2. The Warriors Healing Retreats team. As of late 2015 this retreat program is being developed.

The first retreat is scheduled for April 28 – May 1, 2016 at the Palisades Retreat Center ( located between Tacoma & Seattle, Washington.

The title for the retreat is:

Warriors Healing Retreat:

      Healing from Spiritual Trauma
      for Military Personnel and First Responders


Brother Cyril as an individual retreat master

As a Benedictine monk Br. Cyril practices the daily discipline of spiritual reading / lectio divina. Through this spiritual reading, each year he presents retreats.

Through opportunities provided by God, Br. Cyril has presented retreats by himself:

  • at and around his home, Mount Angel Abbey, in western Oregon
  • and from Anchorage, Alaska to Calgary, Alberta to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Current Spiritual Topics for retreats, throughout the year

for 2015: Helping our Families: from the Bishop’s in Rome into our Home

(Practical wisdom for family life,from the 2014 & 2015 Bishop’s Synods on the Family)

for 2015 & 2016: Pope Francis’ encyclical:

On Care for Our Common Home (LAUDATO SI’ )

for 2016: Pope Francis’ documents on the Jubilee Year of Mercy


Past examples Spiritual Topics for retreats, throughout the year

1989: First retreat given by Brother Cyril, to Benedictine Oblates

. . .

2010: Angels Guide Our Life

2011: The Beatitudes: Seeking the Joy of God’s Kingdom

2012: Suffering with Jesus: Examples from Saints

2013: Heaven in Our Year of Faith

2014: Living the Joy of the Gospel / Good Zeal


Past examples Retreat Topics for Advent

2011: Find Peace thru the Beatitudes

2012: Being Children of God

2013: Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives, by Pope Benedict XVI

2014: Handel’s Messiah: The Advent & Christmas Portions,

with Father Teresio Caldwell, OSB, also of Mount Angel Abbey


Current Retreat Topic for Advent

2015: The Holy Family and Our Holy Family: Lessons from the Synods on the Family

2016: Mary Gives Our Christmas Gift, with Dr. Elizabeth Farley, of the Mount Angel Seminary faculty


Other Examples of Retreats Brother Cyril has given as a Solitary Retreat Master

Benedictine Oblate Retreats

Retreats for Catholic spiritual organizations:

Knights of Columbus

Legion of Mary

Parish Retreats

Spanish Language Retreats, for a number of topics

Br. Cyril, St Peter's Square, Rome-new

Brother Cyril at Saint Peter’s Square in Rome

Contact Information
Brother Cyril Drnjevic, OSB
Mount Angel Abbey
1 Abbey Drive
Saint Benedict, Oregon  97373  U.S.A.

503-845-3851, office / land line
503-385-6926, cell